See How We Helped This Local Hvac Cleaner Get More Than 5x Return On His Ad Spend

About the company

Alvin owns and operates AR Ducts, an HVAC and Dryer Vent Cleaning business serving the Salem, OR area. He started the business in 2019 with his brother, while working a full-time job. His goal was to work for himself and be able to build a growing business that would be able to allow him to work full-time for himself and support his growing family. With the help of CPC Leads, he is growing his business by getting consistent leads each week, and we’re just getting started.

The Goals

The goals were simple: get more cold customers turning into leads in the local area. We wanted to capture clicks for people searching on Google for dryer vent cleaning, show value on a landing page, and make it easy for a customer to contact Alvin to enquire about their services.

The Strategy

Utilize Google search ads to target keywords with high intent related to his business. In this case, dryer vent cleaning. We only target keyword searches to homeowners in the target area, which is Salem and the surrounding areas.

We started with one Google search campaign, which is for hyper-targeted dryer vent cleaning services. The plan is to expand the Google search ads to cover HVAC cleaning services, as well as Facebook campaigns to increase his current leads by AT LEAST 5X. We will look to expand geographic reach, which will enable more exposure for the business.

The Results

So far, CPC Leads has helped AR Ducts grow their lead by 5X overall from when we started, and a conversion rate of over 25% for the dryer vent cleaning keywords. We are off to a great start, but we aren’t done growing. We want to own a large percentage of the impression share by 2024, which will skyrocket AR Ducts leads and revenue.

The goal is to make AR Ducts the biggest dryer vent and HVAC cleaning business in the area. This would help grow their business and solidify this young company as a staple in the Salem area for HVAC cleaning services

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