Terms & Conditions for Lead Generation

Updated on 10/25/2023

Account Ownership

Advertising Account ownership:

The client will own their advertising accounts, whether that be on Google, Meta (Facebook) or others. We will create campaigns on your account, but you will be the owner of the account and campaigns created.

Landing pages:

We build landing pages both on our own servers and platforms as well as on our client's websites when applicable. Any landing page built on our system is owned by CPC Leads, and is used by the client for the purpose of advertising and lead generation. The client may use these pages in any way they want as long as their account status is "active."

In the event that we build landing pages on a client's current and existing website, then the landing pages will be owned by them. We only build landing pages on client websites IF we are able to work with their tech stack. We will review this prior to the client signing-up for any of our service packages.

Other Digital Accounts:

Any digital product, tool, or software we purchase and pay for as part of our services, is owned by CPC Leads. The client may use these tools as part of their plan with our company. If they cancel their account, then they lose access to these products, tools and software.

If a client wants to set up software in their name and pay for it themselves, then they will own that specific software.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CPC Leads has their own CRM system they offer to clients. This CRM is owned by CPC Leads and is used by clients with active account status.

If a client wants to cancel or pause their plan, they may use the CRM independently of the lead generation services for a monthly fee of $399/month. At this point, the client is fully responsible for the CRM and may use it as long as they pay the monthly fee to continue using the CRM. If this is an option that the client wants, they must downgrade their plan and let us know by emailing support@cpcleads.co.

CPC Leads uses the CRM to create automated workflows that help turn leads into appointments. We do this by utilizing automated texts, emails, funnels and more.

The client will also have access to the CRM (if that is part of their plan) and can use it outside of the leads that we generate for them. For example, they may use it to send marketing emails to existing clients. Although CPC DOES NOT include all CRM-related actions as part of our plan, we can provide assistance and training to help our clients set up workflows and other CRM events outside of the leads we generate for them.

If a client uses the CRM OUTSIDE of what we have set up with them, then they will need to pay $399/mo to use the CRM IF they do not reach their lead threshold as part of the Lead Guarantee Program. For example, a painter uses the CRM for other tasks outside of what CPC Leads set up and manages to nurture the new leads we acquire from the campaigns. For the month, the painter did not receive the volume of leads, meaning they did not have to pay the monthly management fee. However, they would still need to pay the $399 fee for using the CRM.

Ad Spend & Management Fee

Ad Spend:

The ad spend is what is paid to the advertising channels (Google, Facebook, etc.). This is paid by the client directly to the advertising channel. The client will need to use a credit card and upload the information to the advertising channel to be used to pay for the ads.

Monthly Management Fee:

The monthly management fee is the fee that is paid to CPC Leads for their services on a monthly basis.


Electronic Billing:

For monthly billing, we accept credit card payments electronically, or electronic ACH payments. The client can also select the option to have recurring billing.

Monthly Payments:

The client will pay each month, 30 days after there account is launched and if they meet the lead guarantee as established as part of their package.

Recurring Payments:

The client may opt to set up recurring payments. In the event that you do not receive the lead threshold and are charged for that month, then we will reimburse you the correct amount.


We do not offer refunds. If the client believes that they have a legitimate issue, please contact us at support@cpcleads.co.

Guarantees and Offers

Pay after 30 days:

We do not charge our monthly management fee upfront. Our monthly management fee will be paid 30 days after we launch your first campaigns.

If you cancel or pause your plan before 30 days after launch, then you will be charged the full amount at the end of 30 days.

Lead Guarantee Program:

To ensure that our clients see a good return on investment, we offer a "lead guarantee" as part of our Lead Generation Standard and Lead Generation Plus Plans. This means that if the client doesn't at least receive a certain number of leads, they will not pay the monthly management fee for that month. The client is still responsible for the monthly ad spend paid to the advertising channels.

Each industry has its own threshold for leads. We can change this number at any time but will give you 30 days' notice before implementing the new threshold.

If 3 consecutive months occur in a row where the lead threshold is not met (meaning the client doesn't have to pay), then we will have a review with the client, at which we will discuss the plan moving forward. The options would be for the next month for the client to either stay on their plan and pay the full price, or cancel their plan.

We reserve the right to change the lead threshold at any time but will let the client know via email 30 days before the change takes place.

Lead Qualifications

What qualifies as a lead:

As part of our lead guarantee programs, we only count "legitimate leads" to qualify.

A legitimate lead is a lead that fills out your contact, estimate, or quote form or gives you a phone call.

A legitimate lead DOES NOT mean a booked appointment or a closed sale, but rather, a potential customer who is interested in your services and expresses that by filling out a contact form or giving you a call.

A spam call or spam lead will not count as a legitimate lead. However, a legitimate person, who enquires to the client's business about their business, does count as a lead and will go toward the monthly lead count.

Booked Appointments, closed sales, and scheduled quotes and estimates:

CPC Leads is not responsible, nor do we guarantee, a certain amount of booked appointments, closed sales, or scheduled quotes or estimates.

However, our CRM services include creating "workflows" and pipelines that can greatly help our clients book, schedule and sell to their leads that either we, themselves or another party, acquire for them.

Account Status and Contracts

No Contracts:

For our lead generation services, we do not require any binding contracts. Each service is month to month, with the ability to pause or cancel at any time.

We will require the client to sign a form that acknowledges the plan that they signed up for and to ensure that the terms and conditions page has been shared by them.

Account Status:

Unless otherwise stated, our clients' accounts will remain in "active" status. Meaning, the account is active and will receive billing. In order to change the status, the client must contact us to either pause or cancel the account, at which the "active" status will change.

Pause or Cancel Your Account:

Our clients have the opportunity to pause or cancel their accounts at any time. They must let us know via email at support@cpcleads.co if they would like to change the status of their account to "paused" or "canceled."

Paused status: This means that the account is paused and may be turned on at a later date. An account can be paused for up to 3 months at a time. At the time of a paused account, the client will be charged a pro-rated amount dependent on when they paused during the month. If a client pauses their account, the lead guarantee program will not count for that month, and the pro-rated monthly management fee will be paid regardless of where the lead volume is at.

Canceled status: If a client decides to cancel their account, then the account will be shut down permanently. We will keep the account open for 30 days after cancellation, in case the client wants to reopen the account. The client will be charged the full monthly management fee at cancellation if they pass the two-week mark for that month or interval. If they cancel before the two-week mark, they will not be charged for that month. The lead guarantee will not apply for the month that a client cancels their account.

Account Access and Privacy

Account access:

Given the nature of our services, we will need to be either granted access to various accounts or given logins to these accounts.

Our rights: By agreeing to our terms, the client acknowledges that we will have access to various accounts. We will never be given access to an account without the permission or knowledge of the client. During the onboarding meeting, we will go over the accounts we will need access to. For any accounts outside of that list that we may need access to we will get the client's permission prior to getting such access.

Your rights: As the owner of the advertising accounts, you have the right to suspend our access at any time. However, since these accounts are critical to offering our services, we may also suspend service with the client.

Your privacy:

We will not share your business name, location, or contact information with the general public. We do reserve the right to share your results on our website or in other marketing materials. We will, however, always ask the client's permission to share any other business information (such as name) on our website or in other marketing materials.

We do not knowingly sell your information or data to third-party companies.

Our Rights

We reserve the right:

We may suspend a user account at any time, effective immediately for any reason. In that case, the user will be charged a prorated amount for the month.

We may change the terms and conditions at any time. Any major changes that affect clients will be sent to them via email. Any change will take place at least 30 days after we make the change.

We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. These changes will be communicated to our client via email. Price changes will take place 30 days after we announce them.

Your Rights

You may:

Cancel your account at any time, effective immediately and without reason.

Pause your account at any time, effective immediately and without reason.

Revoke any account access you have given us. Although this may make it difficult for us to complete our services.

Dispute leads with our team if they seem to be spam or bot leads. We will then go through a review process of the lead(s) disputed to come to a conclusion based on the review if the lead is legitimate or not.