👏 We care about one thing, getting you real leads

Expand Your Reach With Lead Generation

The job of an ad is to sell the click, so our focus is on the entire marketing funnel. From the first touchpoint to the sale, we’ll guide your potential customers throughout the entire process.
No Commitments
Guaranteed Leads
No expensive buildout fee

Is getting customers online driving you CRAZY?

Spending too much on advertising dollars and not seeing results?

You’re reading this right now because your business is not where you want it to be. That’s where we come in. We’ll use our expertise in lead generation to capture an audience that just can’t wait to buy from you.

5x your conversions leading to more customers, while spending the least amount of cash.

The average conversion rate for a digital advertising campaign is 5.31%. We shoot for double that and can confidently say that is what we can provide for our clients.

Your winning marketing formula.


Create Ads That Target Homeowners In Your Area

We’ll create your online ads with irresistable messaging to ensure they grab attention and make sure it’s shown to the right people.

Send Them To A High-Converting Landing Page

Then we build an online page showing how good you are compared to your competitors so that you can stand out in a crowded market.

Customers Are Ready To Sign Up Or Call For A Quote

With a powerful “Godfather Offer”, potential customers will start flooding your phone or email inbox interested in your services.

Upgrade your marketing further with advanced features that’ll guarantee appointments.

Email Marketing

Most of your future customers won’t hire you right away, so you need to keep in touch with them offering enticing, fun, and exciting free value.

  • Automated email sending

  • Email list building

  • High-value content offer creation

  • Email strategy development done for you

  • Lead nurture campaigns

  • Sales campaigns

Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

A central hub to keep track of customer details, help with scheduling, follow up with clients, and help you close more jobs. We’ll set it up and make changes when necessary to keep a consistent flow of booked appointments.

  • Automated appointment booking

  • Automated follow-up and messaging

  • SMS text messaging

  • Call tracking

We deliver customers to your door, so that you can focus on what you do best.


We'll harness the power of effective marketing to connect you with homeowners and businesses in need of quality roofing. Leading customers down a systemized funnel to seek you as their go-to roofing expert.


From residential to commercial projects, our strategy is designed to attract a broader client base, ensuring your painting skills shine as your business flourishes with a vibrant palette of successful contracts.


Here to help you grow your sales potential to sell more heating, ventilation, and air conditioning services. So you can deliver optimal comfort and superior service that keeps clients coming back for more.


Whether you work on residential or commercial projects, our strategy is designed to attract more customers. We want to showcase your excellent landscaping skills, so you can get more successful contracts and watch your business flourish.

Home Designers & Builders

Our expertise lies in utilizing effective marketing to connect you with homeowners and businesses who are in need of top-quality home remodel services. We will lead potential customers down the path to choosing you as their expert.


Here to elevate your business and maximize conversions for your top-notch plumbing services. So you can continue providing exceptional service, we’ll find customers that will want to return for all their plumbing needs.
...and more home service businesses.

Providing more value for our clients than other companies.

Leads or you don't pay

If you don't get leads, then you don't pay us for that month. We succeed when you succeed, simple as that.

No buildout fee

Most companies have a buildout fee in addition to the monthly fee just to get started. We like to do things differently.

No binding contracts

Stop your service anytime you need to. Although, we doubt you will want to.

But First

Check to see if your city qualifies for our local lead program.

We can only take one company per industry per zip code to prevent overlap. Check if your zip code is available to be a part of our program.

Boost your conversions with landing pages that sell.

Landing pages are a vital part to any lead generation campaign. We create landing page systems that convert the “maybe customers” into relentless buyers. While using modern user experience (UX) principles to help guide users into your sales funnel.
Included with every landing page:
  • Powerful landing pages for each service you are advertising
  • Effective forms to attract leads
  • Phone call tracking with CallRail to track calls
  • Review software to pull your reviews from 20+ other channels
  • Email and promotion pop-up forms

Identify REAL online traffic with

Click Fraud Protection

14% of all clicks on ads are fraudulent. Because of this, we include click fraud software to safeguard your account from spam clicks and bot traffic. We ensure your money is going to real potential customers and not deceptive databases.
This software comes with all of our packages

Using The Top Tools To Get You More Leads

Don't just take our word for it.

See what our happy customers had to say.
"THANK YOU CPC LEADS! You have helped me grow so much in the recent months. I really can’t thank you enough! Really easy to work with, transparent, and patient! I will be recommending your services!"

Alvin Checkov

Owner Of AR Ducts, Salem, Oregon

"The team at CPC Leads have DEFINITELY proven themselves worthy! I've recieved great service and results for my campaigns."


Owner Of PDX Restorations

"We use CPC Leads for our advertising efforts every month and are pleased with the results. They are constantly working on the back end of all the advertising, keywords and so on. Making sure they are up to date and constantly producing. We look forward to many years of service with his company! Thank you for everything!"


Owner Of Pipedex Plumbing

👏 An investment to grow your business

Pick A Plan To Get Started

We want to offer as transparent pricing as possible. If our service doesn't help your business increase its leads, you can cancel your subscription at any time. Not seeing a plan quite right for you? Contact us, we can work together to create a custom plan that is right for your business.

PPC Campaign Management

We handle your advertising campaigns on either Google or Facebook. We send potential customers to your website.
  • Management of Google, Facebook or Instagram lead campaigns
  • Performance metric reports
  • Ongoing strategy and account opimizations
  • Google My Business checklist
  • Google Analytics 4 set-up
  • Conversion tracking and call tracking**
  • No contracts, quit anytime
  • No expensive buildout fee
  • Only pay after 30 days
  • Clickcease fraudulent click software**
**dependent on what your website is build on

Lead Generation Standard

Leads Guarantee Program
Made for businesses who want even more. Utilize our Landing Page System + multiple advertising channels + remarketing.
  • Advertising on both Facebook & Instagram
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Optimized landing page system
  • Monthly reports, optimization and strategy
  • Conversion tracking and call tracking
  • Google My Business Checklist
  • Google analytics 4 set-up
  • Zapier connections
  • Review capture tools
  • Review capture software
  • Heatmap for landing page analysis
  • Clickcease fraudulent click software
  • Unlimited lead capture forms
  • No contracts, quite anytime
  • No expensive, one-time buildout fee
  • Only pay after 30 days*

Lead Generation Plus+

Leads Guarantee Program
It's like having an in-house digital marketer and sales person in one. Everything in Standard but with the power of a leads CRM to help you book appointments automatically.
  • Advertising on both Facebook & Instagram
  • Remarketing campaigns
  • Lead tracking CRM & mobile app
  • Book more appointments with automated lead follow up flows
  • Email remarketing sequences
  • Optimized landing page system
  • Monthly reports, optimization and strategy
  • Conversion tracking and call tracking
  • Google My Business Checklist
  • Google analytics 4 set-up
  • Review capture tools
  • Review capture software
  • Heatmap for landing page analysis
  • Clickcease fraudulent click software
  • Unlimited lead capture forms
  • No contracts, quite anytime
  • No expensive, one-time buildout fee
  • Only pay after 30 days*

Let's define our terms.

Our Landing page system

This is our landing page system we include with the to standard and plus packages. We create landing pages on our own system using a subdomain.

monthly requests

A request could be a new campaign, advertising a new service, or a new landing page. Basically, anything you need for your advertising as part of your package is fair game. We work on one request at a time with a goal of being done within 5-7 days.

Remarketing & Email Remarketing

This could be a remarketing campaign on Google Display, Facebook, Youtube, etc. For email remarketing, we usually use Mailchimp and will send a remarketing email sequence to email capture on your landing page to encourage more leads/

No leads, you don't pay*

No buildout fee

No contracts = Quit anytime

Each package includes an initial buildout for up to 5 services and depending on the budget. We require a minimum of $3,000 ad spend to work with us. Our package covers ad spend of up to $10,000/month. Anything over the maximum ad spend will cost the base fee plus + 5%.
*Pay only after 30 days. You will still pay for the first month when you get started with us. However, billing will start 30 days after we start launching, giving some time for your campaigns to run before being charged.
10+ Leads or you don't pay. A lead will count as a real person (not a bot or spam) that fills out a quote form or gives your business a call enquiring about your services. A lead DOES NOT necessarily mean a booked appointment or a closed sale. We DO NOT sell you leads from a third party database. These leads are 100% yours, and are generated from your digital advertising campaigns that we manage.

Frequently Asked Questions

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