About CPC Leads

Most home service businesses struggle to get customers online. At CPC Leads, we’ll create your lead generation system to acquire high-quality leads that turn into repeat customers for life.

We are a company made up of creatives, strategists and problem solvers that have made it our priority to provide excellent service to their clients. Read more about the leaders of CPC Leads below.
Head of Strategy, Co-Founder
Hi my name is Caleb, and I am one of the founders here at CPC Leads. After spending 5+ years leading digital campaigns for advertising companies, I decided to embark on my own and start CPC Leads with my partners. Unlike a lot of digital marketing companies who are okay with the status quo and aim to just get by, we want our customers to stand out and excel. That is why we bring out of the box ideas and strategies for our clients in order to get them more leads. Implementing strategies that truly grow our client’s leadbase is what I am passionate about and what motivated me to help start CPC Leads.

In my freetime, I enjoy spending time with my wife and son. I live in Oregon, and am a big baseball and football fan. My aim in life is to serve and glorify God in all that I do. 
Head of Growth, Co-Founder
Hi, my name is Cristian, another one of the co-founders at CPC Leads. As a creative problem solver, I thrive on working smart to develop systems and campaigns that drive real growth for businesses. My passion lies in collaborating with our clients, partners, and team to unlock their full potential.

When I’m not working you can find me reading a good book, hanging out with friends and the fam, and at a local Portland, Or ice cream shop satiating my sweet tooth.
Creative Director, Co-Founder
Hi, I'm Phillip, and I'm passionate about helping businesses grow through strategic lead generation, digital advertising, and beautiful web design. With years of experience in the field, I have worked with clients across industries to create effective digital marketing strategies that produce real results.

Outside of the office, I enjoy traveling to new places and exploring the great outdoors. When I’m not working on a graphic design project on the computer, I like to use my creative abilities in painting, building, and music.