Helping a local plumber establish himself in a crowded market.

About the company

Pipedex Plumbing and Drains was started by Serge and Alex in 2021 after spending years in the plumbing industry refining their craft. They decided to partner and go out on their own. Their business services homeowners and businesses in the Port Charlotte area of Florida.

The Goals

The guys at Pipedex needed more leads to help get their brand name established in a VERY competitive plumbing industry. How to stand out and get leads when there are 20 other plumbing companies competing for attention is the goal.

The Strategy

Based on the nature of plumbing services and meeting the customer when they needed the service, we wanted to show Google ads for high-quality search intent phrases, while offering more value on our landing pages than other plumbing companies. We wanted to get the attention of our customers in a crowded market, so we needed to write a copy on the ads and landing pages that stood out. You can see an example of a landing page we designed and developed here as part of our services.

The Results

As a result of our lead generation strategies, Pipedex Plumbing & Drains has increased its leads by 337%, and is continuing to grow. As a result, Pipedex has opened up its own shop and is looking to expand its team and hire more employees. We have recently started running Facebook lead campaigns, with a cost-per-lead lower than $20.

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